Baby Products We Didn’t Know We Needed

There are so many baby products out there and it’s hard to know which you’ll use and which you won’t. Sometimes it’s up to your baby what he/she likes. Pacifiers are a good example, our 2 month old spits them out immediately but we have so many on hand.

This is our list of products that people bought for us that we never thought we would use plus some products that we bought but didn’t know we would use SO much.

Cloth Diapers

My grandma bought us 2 packs of Gerber cloth diapers(Amazon), they are just thin, white, rectangle sheets of fabric. When I saw the words “cloth diapers” I looked at her like she was crazy. My husband and I decided long ago that we were going with disposable diapers. Well, once the baby came we used them for EVERYTHING from burp clothes to light blankets. We go through about 7-8 a day.

The Baby Wrap

I saw someone wearing their baby in one of these while I was pregnant and I knew instantly that I wanted one. What I didn’t know was how much I needed one. During the first 2 months of my son’s life, he would only sleep on me or my husband and wake up as soon as we put him down which makes it hard to do anything around the house. When there was stuff that needed done, I would put him in this wrap and he would stay asleep for hours while I got everything done. Plus, when my son is cranky and fussy from being over tired, I put him in this wrap and he falls asleep instantly. It’s truly amazing. I bought the Cuddle Bug Wrap on Amazon.

Boon Lawn Drying Rack

2016-05-15 (1)This one my husband fell in love with at the store but I wasn’t sure how much we would actually use it. From the first day we started using bottles, I realized we couldn’t live without it. It makes life so much easier. As soon as the bottles and parts are done boiling, pop them on the rack and they are ready when you are. We bought ours from Babies R Us but they are also available on Amazon and Target.

Pack and Play

pTRU1-21884719enh-z6We live in a 2 story home so this one was a must for us. It is essentially our nursery downstairs. It has his bassinet and changing table plus room IN the play yard to store stuff until he starts using it. Ours came with a little triple basket that hangs off the side and perfectly fits diapers, wipes and burp clothes. We bought the Graco Snuggle Suite from Babies R Us.

Car Seat Strap Covers

IMG_20160530_103640When we first brought our son home from the hospital we noticed his head would flop to the side or lean forward when the car started moving. We immediately went and bought these strap covers from Babies R Us and we couldn’t be happier. It keeps his head in an upright position the whole time. The only downside is he can’t bring his hands to his mouth so he ends up chewing on the covers but since they are machine washable, it’s no biggy.