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A little about us

Hi there! I'm Chrisanne, a devoted mom to two amazing kids and the wife of a wonderful husband. In our online business, we sell vinyl decals and business stickers, embracing the creativity and flexibility that lets us share in our children's adventures.

Our latest adventure is a big one: we're traveling to all 50 states in 50 weeks! Inspired by our decal business selling all over the country and a love for exploration, we're documenting our journey, bringing the diverse beauty of America into our family's life and yours. Follow us on social media to join the excitement of our travels and see the sights along with us.

We're a family of Disney enthusiasts and proud Florida State Seminole fans; #GoNoles! Our social media is a lively mix of family outings, Disney fun, and moments from our 50-state journey, all shared with positivity and joy.

Your support is invaluable. Every purchase helps fuel our travels, bringing a piece of our journey to you and enabling us to explore the wonders of the USA.

Thank you for being part of our story and adventure, helping to turn our dreams into reality!

With love,
Chrisanne & Family🌟🚗🏰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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FAQ for Etsy orders

Questions Before ordering

A: There are 3 main types of vinyl. I use Oracal 651 "Permanent" which is best for car windows. I may have some Oracal 631 "Removable" which can be used on interior walls but limited colors

There is also "Heat Transfer Vinyl" or HTV for short, used to iron-on shirts which I do not carry. It can be hard to work with especially if you've never done it. I like to make people aware that there's trial and error involved. There are different types of HTV for different shirt materials like cotton, polyester and others. The temperature, hold time, and pressure used is different for each type of material so just using home irons can be difficult.

If you order a decal you will receive the permanent vinyl. If you need the removable please message me before ordering.

A: This is mainly determined by the location of the decal. On a car, you want it large enough (minimum 5”) to see clearly from 20+ feet away. For a decal with text, it should be large enough to read from a distance. Thin lines or small pieces of decals are more likely to have issues. Use your cell phone as a quick size reference. Most phones are 5 or 6 inches tall and 2.5 to 3 inches wide.

All sizes are exact, in inches as signified by the “ symbol, with the longest side first. W = Width from side to side, H = Height from top to bottom. If you need different or more exact sizes than you see listed just message me before ordering.

    Sizes are to the nearest 10th of an inch given in decimal points. Example:
  • .25" = 1/4"
  • .5" = 1/2"
  • .75” = 3/4"

A: I send decal application instructions with every decal (psst, it's on the back of the note). Please note, decals will not last forever or in all situations. There are things that can be done to help them last longer such as proper application, giving them time to adhere to the surface, not putting them in an area that gets frequent wear and tear such as phones, tumblers, etc.

Thin lines or small pieces of decals are more likely to peel up so please use extra caution when applying and handling those. For areas of high use, like the back of a phone, expect the decal to last a week or two. For areas that don't get touched often, like the back of a car window, the decal can last for many years. Please give your decal the best chance to last.

A: Officially, I recommend "hand wash only" for all decals because their durability varies based on the surface and decal design. Decals with small or thin parts may lose these elements sooner due to less adhesive surface area. However, larger decals without such details generally last longer with proper surface preparation.

I use high-quality vinyl and have personally tested it on items like kids' tumblers, which endured dishwasher cycles. But remember, this success depends on using smooth-surfaced items prepped with a 90% alcohol solution to ensure no oils or chemicals interfere with adhesion. Avoid surfaces with non-stick coatings, which are common but not always obvious.

Allow 48 hours for the decals to bond before washing. While I've had some decals last a year in a dishwasher, others with delicate designs may peel sooner. Hand washing extends the life of any decal, especially if the surface is well-prepped and compatible with the decal adhesive. Dishwashers can work, but it's about finding the right combination of surface and decal.

A: For clothing, you have to have a specific type of vinyl called "Heat transfer vinyl" or HTV for short. I don't carry that specific type of vinyl. They are kind of hard to work with especially if you've never done it. I like to make people aware that there's trial and error involved. There are different types of HTV for different materials like cotton, polyester and others. The temperature, hold time, and pressure you have to use is different for each type of material so just using home irons can be difficult. Too hot or too long and the vinyl melts, too cold or too short of hold time and it does not stick.

This is just one example of a chart with materials, types of HTV, temps and hold times: Siser HTV Reference Chart

I've sent HTV designs to people in the past and they did not have the right type of irons to make it stick and ruined their shirts. Those and other issues are why I don't list any HTV in my shops. It's usually best to order from someone who specializes in HTV to make the shirts for you. You can save a bit of money doing them yourself if you are careful and have the right combination of HTV, material, heat and time. I don't have any specific shops or friends that specialize in HTV for all those reasons above. The ones who started doing it quickly stopped.

Search on Etsy for something like "HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl SUBJECT" you should be able to find someone that can make shirts for you.

A: Decals would work (see what I did there?!?) if it's plain, smooth, unfinished wood but you may have to be patient. If there's any paint or stain on it, the transfer tape will probably peel that stain or paint with it. It really depends on the type of wood and your project.

You can stain it, just know that when you take the transfer tape off, it can take some of the stain as well, especially if it's a new stain that hasn't had a long time to set in. So it can be done, and looks great when it works but just know that going into it.

A: While our decals are high-quality and durable, they are designed specifically for use on vehicles using Oracle 651, a permanent vinyl. Due to their strength and the use of transfer tape during application, they might not be suitable for walls as they could potentially remove paint during application or removal. They're perfect for outdoor use and will withstand various weather conditions, so we recommend using them where they shine best!

The base price is $1 per inch of the longest side. So if you order a 4W x 2” H decal it will start at $4, 10” will start at $10 etc. I add/subtract depending on the complexity of the design. Then I add the minimal amount to cover materials, platform and shipping fees (usually between $2 to $5 depending on the size of the decal). Whatever is left is what I make.

I keep my prices as low as possible. I don't like inflating prices just to give discounts. BUT, I can save you money on larger orders or by bundling multiple items together which saves on time and shipping costs.

I can offer reduced pricing on bulk orders for charity events, fundraisers, teams, groups, companies, etc. Message me if you want 10 or more items and I'll see what I can do.

A: Yes! We do custom decals and personalization. Just message with as much information on what you are looking for. The more info the better. I usually do not charge extra for this as long as it is something I can do quickly and easily. If it will take a lot of extra time on my end, then there could be an additional charge that I would let you know about up front after assessing what you need done.

If you are buying a gift to send directly to someone, you can type your message in the “Gift Note” section which I will include. Please triple check the address you list is their correct address if sending to someone other than the address listed in your Etsy account.

Questions on Shipping

1. "Pre-Transit" or "In Transit" - Your order will say "Pre-transit" and some people have taken that wording as thinking I have not shipped their orders. That is just Etsy's (Pitney Bowes) poor wording. Once the order is accepted at the local post office, USPS is under no obligation to scan it further to provide updates unless it was sent with a USPS tracking number (as a package, not a letter). It may say "In Transit" and actually have arrived but just will never update again and be stuck in that status. I have over 1000 orders stuck in that status.

2. "Out for Delivery" or "Delivered" in a different city or state - This is because the scans happen in large bins at the "Sorting and Distribution Centers (S&DC)" and not at the local post office or by the mail carrier. "Delivered" means it has gotten to the last sorting center before making it's way to your mailbox later. Please be patient as it should arrive within the next day or so. I take a picture of every order I send so just ask and I'll be happy to provide a picture so you know what to look for. Most orders are shipped in small envelopes and not a box. So check your junk mail pile.

If you are not aware of the massive USPS changes, specifically the Sorting and Distribution Centers, you can start here: Introducing the New USPS Sorting & Delivery Centers

You can check the overall performance of on-time delivery of USPS Nationwide on their dashboard here: USPS Service Performace (National Dashboard)

You can check the percentage of "on-time" mail in your zip code using USPS's new tool here: USPS Service Performace (Your location)

A: very small number of orders can be OR take that long to get returned to me with a reason. I just like to inform everyone of possible issues ahead of time and I won't have any other information about why something was rejected until it gets returned to me which takes at least 2 to 3 weeks.

A: Message me. It happens in less than 5 out of every 100 orders. I will give you a few options from there.

A: There is SUPPOSED to be via Etsy (Pitney Bowes). But the details do not always update correctly as it is not USPS tracking. My orders are sent in envelopes as "letters" and not boxes like 99% of other Etsy sellers. That is because the items are so small and light and that saves $4+ on shipping for buyers. So while it would be easier just to send everything in boxes and not deal with tracking issues, that extra $4 passed onto buyers is not something I will do.

A: Just don't rely solely on the Etsy “tracking" info. Check the PO box itself or with the person you were sending to.

A: We ship to the address on file with Etsy/Paypal/Apple/etc. It's important to double-check and confirm your address when placing an order. In cases where a package is lost or returned due to an incorrect address, any costs for resending will be the buyer's responsibility, and refunds cannot be issued for packages sent to wrong addresses. If your order seems to be missing, get in touch, but remember, I can only resend items to the address listed in Etsy.

A: All orders are sent with Etsy's internal tracking numbers via Pitney Bowes. For more detailed tracking, you can opt for a USPS tracking number at checkout. The benefit of a USPS Tracking number is it gets sent as a “package” which is a different, more robust system than standard letters. Also if there is any issue, USPS will investigate with one of their tracking numbers.

A: An order showing as “Delivered” before actually arriving at your mailbox is “normal” with Etsy/Pitney Bowes labels. The scans happen at “Sorting and Distribution Centers” and not by the mail carriers themselves. Also, you may have received an email message from Etsy directly saying your item has been delivered but that is based on their estimated times and not the actual tracking data. Most of the time, the orders will show up anywhere from later that same day to several days later. That is unfortunately normal and there is no way around how that works other than purchasing a USPS Tracking number during checkout which works very differently from Etsy tracking labels. Please be patient but message me directly if you haven't gotten your order after 2 weeks after the shipping date. If an item has an issue getting delivered and gets returned to me, that takes between 2 to 3 weeks to come back with a reason. I won't have any other information for you until that happens.

    Things you can do if you believe it has been enough time after you received the delivered notification are
  1. Check in your order info to make sure the address is correct. I take a picture of every order so you can message me and ask for a photo of your order. Most orders are in small envelopes so can get mixed in with junk mail piles or set aside not knowing they were your order (happens often)
  2. Check with neighbors, especially with community mailboxes or in apartment complexes

A: If your order includes a USPS tracking number and it shows delivered but you didn't receive it, please call USPS directly at 1-800-275-8777. They will ask you to check with your neighbors first so be sure to do that before contacting them. USPS considers it is on the receiver's side to report lost/stolen mail to USPS and possibly the local police, not the sender. Updates from their investigation go directly to the receiver that way instead of the sender which then would need to relay information to the receiver. There is an online form to fill out on usps.com and you can contact me for the package details needed to fill the claim. After you have called them or submitted the form to start an inquiry, message me directly with the "Service Request Number" so we can work together on a resolution.

If the tracking data seems "stuck" somewhere you can also call to have them check to get it unstuck.

A: At this time, we do not offer worldwide shipping. Our decision is based on maintaining a balance between cost-effectiveness and the high-quality service we are committed to providing. The significant postage costs for international shipping would unavoidably increase the overall price of our items, which we aim to keep as affordable as possible for our customers. Additionally, the extended shipping times associated with more economical international shipping options do not align with the prompt and efficient service standards we uphold. Please understand that these factors, particularly shipping costs and delivery times, are beyond our control.

A: When placing an order for delivery to Puerto Rico, other U.S. Territories, or APO addresses, it's important to note that Etsy's labeling system mandates a USPS tracking number. This is because USPS First Class mail options do not have tracking numbers by default. Etsy’s labels (by Pitney Bowes) do not include internal tracking for these destinations. We kindly ask that you select the "USPS Tracking" upgrade during checkout to ensure your order is processed without any hitches.

Q: What happens if I don't select the USPS Tracking upgrade for my order to these destinations?

A: If the "USPS Tracking" upgrade is not selected for orders headed to Puerto Rico, other U.S. Territories, or APO addresses, we regret to inform you that we will have to cancel the order. This is necessary due to the shipping requirements set by Etsy's labeling system. In such cases, you will be requested to place the order again with the required USPS Tracking addition. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Questions After Receiving Order

A: Please contact me directly via Etsy messages if you have ANY problems with your order but please don't be rude. It is against my shop policy to be rude. Life's too short and I will not respond to anger or rudeness directed at me. Please don't let me find out about your issue in a review. Once a bad review is posted or you are rude, there's nothing more I will do.

A: That can happen when someone tries to peel the decal and transfer tape from the front instead of the back. Sometimes it can work that way but most often than not you need to face the decal down on a surface and then peel the white paper backing itself away instead of the other way around. I'm not sure if that makes complete sense or not. But every time someone has struggled getting a decal off the backing and messaged me with questions it's been due to that and once they try it that way, they were able to get the paper backing off leaving only the decal on the transfer tape which then they could apply it without issue.

If you haven't used the small free gifts I send with orders, you can test what I mean on those to make sure you can get the backing off of those.

I made a very short video a while back of the whole process, and the specific part I mean happens very quickly at the 15 second mark. You can see me pull the paper backing away in reverse. I know it goes very quick so please let me know any questions you have.Direct link to my YouTube video

A: There are a few reasons that can happen.

  1. A textured surface means the adhesive on the back doesn't attach to the entire surface like it would on a smooth glass car window and only attaches to the highest parts of the surface.
  2. If the surface itself has a non-stick coating which some tumblers or other items do to make them get dirty less. I just had one person we were trying to figure out why the decals were not sticking to his trash can lid he was putting decals on and it came down to that. It wasn't advertised as having "non stick" but in the item description it was just "resists smudges and dirt" which turned out to be that.
  3. If the area wasn't cleaned with alcohol. If it was cleaned using a cleaning chemical, most of those have additives that try to break down sticky residue which in turn breaks down the adhesive.
  4. If it's run through the dishwasher and not hand washed. That seems to be the main issue with tumblers. While I run my kids tumblers that have decals on them thru the dishwasher, the surfaces are perfectly smooth plastic and the area is prepped with 90% alcohol. It's also best to let the decals set for about 48 hours after first applying to get it to really set in.
  5. It’s in a location where the decal gets rubbed a lot like the back of a phone without a case to cover it. The frequent rubbing will cause the decal to peel up sooner than expected

A: I do offer replacement decals at no charge in most cases, even if someone messes up when applying it or just a part of a decal gets messed up, as I want people to have a decal they love. The only thing I ask is that they buy ANY other decal from my shop(s). Then I'll make and send the new item they purchase plus the original decal replacement as a 'tag-along' inside that order. Then I'm only out the cost of the replacement decal but not the additional costs of the envelope, items and shipping. That also allows for a new label to be printed and used to provide some sort of tracking versus sending it with just a stamp that offers no tracking.

So look through the shops and once you purchase a new decal, during checkout, you should see a place to leave a note and you can put “Replacement ITEM-SIZE-COLOR”.

Customer Reviews

"This is my second time ordering these “thank you” stickers for my small business because I love them & the quality so much. Bonus- she usually throws in some adorable extra stickers. Amazing turn around time & fast shipping. I can’t recommend ChrisannesLife enough."

- E.


"Ah.freaking.mazing. I lalalalalalove this decal, aaaand, they gave little extras. I'm geeked. I love these! Coming back for more! ❤️"

- T.


"These stickers are absolutely gorgeous. They look even prettier in real life than on the picture. The letters are shiny and the stickers look very classy. The seller was awesome - shipped very quickly and was very informative about tracking. Very highly recommend!"

- F.


"Super excited to receive my order from the seller. Fast shipping I'm absolutely 100% happy. The stickers are amazing, beautiful for my small business. Thank You so much for the sample stickers. I highly recommend this shop!"

- D.


"Excellent communication. Item exceeds expectations! The extra surprises absolutely made my day!"

- T.


"Literally the best customer service I've ever received on Etsy. I've purchased a few things recently off Etsy and had issues with shipping updates and had no idea why. However, when I purchased the sticker from this seller, they sent me a well crafted and informative message letting me know that Etsy has been having shipping/delivery update issues, along with nice and grateful comments. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase (and received 2 extra stickers as well!) and very happy with the customer service. ☺️"

- Th.